Poorly in France

I am poorly in France and have felt grotty all day with runny nose, sore-ish throat and heavy head. I have tried to take it easier than usual but equally there is always stuff to do and I find it hard to switch off completely.

I even managed to tolerate well over a hour of video games with my youngest son which is never my favourite activity but it means the world to him so I do it.

There is no doubt I have felt sorry and have been grumpy all day. My husband has looked after me well keeping the fire going, delivering coffees and snacks and medicine.

Husbands have a certain look when they want to go the pub I find. Years of marriage have taught them to come at the negotiations sideways. Of course, a clever wife can see it a mile off and has fun predicting the inevitable request to the children.

My husband asks if I want him to stay in, to go early or to go late to the bar. It is completely up to me. Only I can know how I feel. Blah! Blah!

He must like his Christmas beer because it is chucking it down outside but I decide I can have a little peace and quiet watching my favourite telly whilst he is out.

He was not out long. Madame asked where I was and was I ok. On learning I was malade, she sent him home with a free bottle of Calvados which she told him will cure me and quickly. She even dispatched Monsieur to the bar’s kitchen for a big jar of honey. So here I am fuelled by Madame’s medicine and blogging like a good one.

There is so much to love about the French lifestyle and the kindness of people who were strangers just a few short weeks ago.

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