Reasons to be cheerful in France

Reasons to be cheerful in France are easy to find.

This week saw us finally commit completely to our new life as my husband returned to England to collect the last of our belongings from storage. Storage ends up proving expensive so we thought it was more sensible to just get the last of our stuff and see an end to that expense. My husband was amazing doing this all on his own over the weekend. He did not take a cabin on either ferry crossing to save some pennies, was stopped by customs and had a bit of a financial disaster too. We have our stuff most of which we had forgotten about anyway so it was a joy for the children to be reunited with their toys and games. The one that made my heart leap was my late Dad’s naval chest. It is so important to me. Most of my boxes remain unpacked – it is just stuff after all.

Life continues at its gentle pace here and we have had sunny days this week which cheers the soul of course.

I seem to have got reasonably motivated on the housework front which always makes me feel better.

We have had fun times in the bar with jigsaws, chat, handshakes and kisses a plenty. More and more people kiss us know on meeting us – a sure sign we are integrating into such a lovely community.

We have had some lovely walks with the dogs and the occasional jog when they have run off unexpectedly. My son has managed a good bike ride too and with better weather we will be outside more and more.

Our new kitten has settled in so well and is a delight – so tiny, pretty and playful.

I have won a givwaway today and I am expecting post with another prize too.

Work is going fine and I am so proactive now making my own luck.

Life is what you make it and my life is good.

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  1. A lovely uplifting post. I’m in awe that you are managing to integrate into a small French village. I thought that was almost impossible. You must be a very friendly bunch. Have a great weekend. xxx

  2. I love that last line, it sounds as if you are really getting it together Kate, big well done. I seriously can not imagine upping and moving to a new country, where I don’t speak the language, big respect. Mich x

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