Reasons to be cheerful

My husband is still working in the office next door and my children are asleep apart from my teenager is up in his room talking to his mates back in the UK.

I am happily watching soaps on the telly and both the dogs are peacefully snoozing on the sofa.

There are no sounds outside because apart from the wind through the trees there never are. It would not suit everyone but I love being at the end of the tracks with no passers-by. Even the bins and the post box are a distance away from the house.

I find myself cheerful tonight because I have taken myself in hand physically and cut out red meat entirely and booze most of the time. I am enjoying soul food like eggs, mushrooms and peppers.

I am taking more exercise too walking the dogs several times a day because who would not want to when we live in such beautiful surroundings?

Work is going well and the more I succeed the more self-confident I get. It does seem that if you believe it you will see it.

Home education is going better too with more structure which suits my over-schooled mind. The children are both keen and doing well with 10 out of 10s an awful lot of the time on their worksheets.

Here there is time and space and we seem to benefit from that with me finding time to have quality time with each member of the family as well as time together with fine debates over the kitchen table set by my 11 year old.

It is a very simple life but it is also one that suits me very well indeed.

We have the bill for the Jaguar too which is half of what we were expecting it to be. Still a lot of money but have managed to save up in our time here because it is so much cheaper living.

I have ordered clothing for the children for the winter from George back at home and am happy they deliver to France.

Why did I ever doubt myself? I can create a fine life all by myself with a little help from those who choose to be friends. I can also wish the other buggers well in my new englightened state.

Mum Muddling Through

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