Relaxing in France proves a tonic

Relaxing in France means it is easy to over-sleep although technically as we do not need to be up early, I suppose we are just adapting to a new pace of life. Having slept late, we skipped our daily visit to the village boulangerie and headed out toward the joys of the supermarket again.

My husband was without cigarettes and as luck would have it the first tabac we came across was the very same place where he tried to sell milk on our first day in France. This time he made me repeat to him what he should say so that he would “Je voudrais” rather than “Je vendrais”. He returned a few minutes later delighted to have managed to buy some J.P.S.

We spent much less at the supermarket today having made a list. I am not saying we stuck to the list as it is so easy to give in to temptation with so many quality and novel products on display. Unplanned purchases included some Breton cider and some flat peaches. I am justifying these on the grounds of supporting local enterprise and attempting to inject more healthy eating into our lives here.

We are still shocked at the low prices here and I will do a blog post on the money side of things in France at some point. Suffice to say for now that we are going to be much better off over here.

I fancied stopping off for a Croque Madame but time was against us so we went home instead. We headed to the lady’s house where I uploaded a few blog posts and checked emails. There was a particularly entertaining one from my Billy Liar brother saying if we had got in touch earlier, he would have secured us the very best cabin on the ferry over. He’s the brother who has promised me afternoon tea with Robbie Williams, a wedding dress designed by Bruce Oldfield and says he has Alex Polizzi on speed dial so I take what he says with a pinch of salt.

My husband carried on with his working day after walking me back to our home. There are the glimmers of romance since we moved to France with both of us doing nicer things for each other.

I prepared dinner this time a slow-cooked pork ragout with fruits and peppers. I also cooked some chicken as my daughter fancies a Mexican dish with chicken tonight. Getting meal orders down to 2 varieties rather than 5 is also proving a positive from our move.

I pegged the washing out that my husband had done in the wonderful system here where our clothes line is outside but under cover so clothing always dries!

My husband came home for lunch which is really tea-time and I sent him off again with a list of questions for the lady around newspapers, cream for bites and cyber café details. Our lady is a mine of information so I want to use that very valuable resource and get clued up as soon as we can.

Today was the first day I managed to get to 5pm before napping which demonstrates just how much I am relaxing in France  These sleeps remind me of when I was on Prozac for my depression. I wonder if I am so happy that my serotonin levels are through the roof. No bad thing and far better the natural way although if you are suffering from low mood, please do seek help and don’t rule out medication as it has helped to transform my life for the better.

My teenage son has discovered Lost and is spending a lot of time watching that whilst he waits to contact his friends once the phone and internet are sorted. Apparently there is a cybercafé in the village so I am looking into that for him and have promised his weight in X Box gold points once we get up and running. For now, it is great to see him enjoying life without school stress and to see him spending more time with both us and the younger two children.

My other son is showing enthusiasm for learning French so we speak it as we go about our day from time to time translating where I can and looking things up where I am not sure.

My daughter is still a bit reluctant to go out much although seems to overcome that if shopping is on offer.

It’s a big move for all the children and I am so proud of them for taking it on in such a smiley and positive way.

My husband and teen have an interesting encounter on their late night dog walk meeting a man who has a dog with him. The man is French but can speak some English. He explains that the dog is not his but follows him around. They all have an interesting discussion about Brexit and other political matters. Both my teen and my husband seemed heartened by this meeting. In fact, my husband fuelled by gin acts as if he has become fluent in French overnight as he can now manage a conversation with a French person. I point out that he actually did not ask if the dog belonged to the man but whether the oak tree did. He sees the funny side and laughs although is a little perturbed at just how much my teen and I chuckle and I blame this on the Breton cider.

You can take it as read that relaxing in France will be the way I live from now on.



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