Snow and Lottery Wins

You find me utterly knackered. We stayed up way too late last night as sometime we get muddled still between French and English time. It was a pleasant evening in front of the wood burner and the telly but it took its toll. My husband took about 20 alarm calls before he got out of bed to make my coffee. You see, there’s a reason to be cheerful right there. For 20 years my husband has made a coffee and brought it to me in bed almost every single day.

This week we had a good covering of snow which is apparently very rare where we live so there was much excitement although Madame in the bar just had her permanent refrain that “It is cold!”. We have got used to this and we wonder what she will complain about when the summer comes. I almost fell out with her the other day when she guessed my age at 50 something. This may have been revenge as I had just said my husband was 83. Madame does not give you an inch for bad behaviour.

So the snow was the talking point along with the fact that someone in the village has won 50 000 Euros on the Lottery having bought the ticket in our favourite bar. It was lovely not to feel at all envious as I would have in England. We are so happy here and you can’t put a price on that.

The children loved the snow and our puppy was fascinated and kept barking at each snowflake as it fell. The grounds were transformed into an utterly beautiful winter wonderland.

We found some new areas at the weekend as the sunshine encouraged to explore a little further. We found oysters in the most beautiful bay not at all far from where we live but undiscovered until now. We went to a vide grenier and my husband bought a warm jacket. I did not find anything I wanted but we enjoyed a lovely lunch for just 2 Euros each!

Then we followed signs intrigued by what they said and we think we found a gigantic bingo session in a community hall. It was a bit difficult to work out so we left without really finding out what it was all about.

We had a bit of a nightmare when we nearly ran out of diesel in the car and could not find a garage. I think we were down to our last mile and it was very stressful. Note to self – there are a zillion miles between each French garage. We rewarded ourselves at the café at the garage with a coffee and a pain au chocolat. When we got back to the village, our bar was open most unusually except I don’t think it was but Madame relented and let us in anyway. I caused a stir with one of the fellas in there with my new funky red boots.

We had another night in the crazy bar where I was reunited with an old friend, rum and coke. We met a man with a Yorkshire terrier who was showing an unhealthy interest in the landlord’s dog. The man was so proud of his “adorable” dog and was showing us tricks so we had a dancing dog. This man said we were very kind and told us he would love us to go to his home for a drink. At this point my husband went pale remembering the last time we took up such an offer and I collapsed in the poor man’s herbaceous border and proceeded to do the horizontal can-can. The man then suggested we go to the other bar for a drink but it was closed. Another friend made – it is so easy here. I just wish some of our male friends would learn to close the loo door and put themselves away before they emerge.

I had fun with one of my favourite characters stealing his hat from where he had left it and plonking it on my head. He blanked my comedic act until I came out of the loo at which point he had found a straw hat with a hole in the top from goodness knows where and placed it on my head as if to say “Take that!”

The new jigsaw in the bar is so difficult not helped with the lack of a picture to work to. There is another wooden block game which my teenage son struggled with on our visit to the bar for coffees and hot chocolate this morning.

Oh and the highlight of the week was finding out that my teenage son had actually got a very good grade in his GCSE English when I was under the misapprehension that he had got a D. This came up in a home education style debate about language which went so well.

I am sure there are loads of other things too but that will give you a flavour.

Work is going fine too but these days it is about life with work fitted in here and there.



  1. The bar is like n extension of your living room. It reminds me of those old communities in England that revolved around the local pub. Except that yours is much more of a family place and open all day it seems.

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