Starting to learn French on moving to France

Starting to learn French is a challenge just like when you attempt any language.

Starting To Learn French


My children have bits of French from primary school but now we are living here I am keen for them to learn as this will obviously improve their quality of life here.

Starting to learn French

My teenage son is probably the most reluctant in case he makes a fool of himself.

My daughter surprised us all by being the first to have a go when out and about using her manners well with many a “Merci” in the right contexts.  She says she is going to focus on learning words about food especially ice-cream.

My tween son amuses us by using French in the house in such a sing-song voice. He has started using French when talking to his best friend back home in England. Today he is learning directions and playing things back on his phone to get his pronunciation correct.

Home education

As with so many things in home education, it is difficult to know how much structure to put in place as the last thing I want to do is put them off.

I bought some books at the brocante yesterday with the man telling me they were for little children which of course was why I bought them so we can start in a simple way.

My husband spent some time with this morning reading the transport book. This is good to see as I don’t feel he gets involved much at all in supporting their learning and it winds me up.

The book made us smile by covering words that I doubt they will need like wagon of the Wild West variety and mail coach.

I have explained to my husband and the children that sometimes you translate correctly but then need to do a further step to make sense of things. My daughter has grasped this really well so that black chocolate is our dark chocolate for example.

Future plans

We will get there and I welcome all tips on teaching people French. When we move to the new house, we may enrol on some conversation classes both to help with the language and to make some friends.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this from my son who when I told the dog to stop doing something, asked why I was talking about baguette to a dog. The good thing is that he knew what I had really said and was being humorous. I think when you start making jokes in another language you are on the right lines.

Are you an expat starting to learn French and how are you getting on?

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  1. I love the french language. I studied A Level at school but sadly most if it is lost on me now as it’s been so many years since I’ve spoken any. Oddly enough I still remember most of the words for food and drink (typical of me haha), oh and the 16 verbs that are conjugated with etre. I have been waiting for around 25 years now for that to come up in a pub quiz somewhere, but nope. It sounds like you are having such an amazing time out there. Good luck with the learning and thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  2. So interesting to read about how your family is starting to learn French. I have been trying to improve my French for the last couple of years using Duolingo. We also have simple bilingual story books that I read to my girls and my youngest attends toddler French classes. Good luck to your family with your language learning journey and thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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