Stress in France but we have Internet!

It is hard to feel any sort of stress in France. We can amble to the bakery shop for delicious treats, we can lounge around or we can head out to explore beautiful surroundings. Our choices are lovely ones.

Yesterday was stressful but with good outcomes in the end. My husband returned from the UK and we were over the moon to see him. I think he was quite overwhelmed by our warm welcome.

We unpacked the car and as we were doing so the people came who were due to connect us to telephone and Internet. They seemed to be some sort of sub-contractors to Orange, a man and a woman. I disliked the woman immediately as she treated us as idiots as soon as she knew we were English even with us trying our best French. She treated the house as if it were her own and giggled a lot which is disconcerting at the best of time but particularly when there is a language barrier.

After a lot of palaver and words like “bizarre” uttered, it turned out the equipment we were provided with when we moved in was not compatible with whatever we needed to connect to Internet wise. Our solution was offered as going to an Orange shop and buying the right equipment and you guessed it, they had no idea where the nearest Orange shop was.

Fortunately I had found the Yellow Pages and that helped us discover that the Orange shop was only about 10 miles away. In the car we jumped only to find the shutters on the Orange shop coming down just as we arrived. The infamous 2 hour closure for lunch which I totally love apart from when I need a Live box!

Making the best of it we went to a café and had baguettes with ham and tuna. We picked up some juice and bread by which time it was time to return to Orange. There was what appeared to be a queue outside but we worked out soon it was just Orange staff taking a smoke break.

I had a Twitter conversation to co-host so I did this in the Orange shop, in a moving car and in a parked car. Not sure how I managed but I got through it.

Meanwhile, my husband was helped by a staff member with great English to find the right equipment and even better, we were told it was a rental of just 3 Euros per month.

So I am delighted to report we have Internet and feel like the 21st century is back in the building.

Of course there has to be at least one mini disaster and today’s is that the dog has chewed our remote control for the telly so we only have ITV but I imagine a remote can be replaced at some point and right now, it is not a top priority as I have my bells and my birdsong.

Needless to say, all the children are loving Internet access and even the sulky teen managed “It’s quite nice” when I asked how he felt about being back in touch with his mates.

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    • Catherine

      Thanks Candance for your support and we were lucky to find a way to manage over the last couple of weeks due to the kindness of a stranger but so much nicer to have it ourselves.

  1. It’s bad enough tryng to get internet reconnected in this country never mind trying to do it in a foreign language! Well done on your mission being accomplished. Wishing you all the best on this adventure of yours. Something I’d love to do but not sure we’ve got the balls! #DreamTeam

  2. Hooray for getting the internet up and running. That must have been very frustrating. And, to have someone giggling who was meant to be helping… well that says it all really. Amazing that you managed a twitter party with this all going on… a seasoned pro? #Dreamteam x

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