Television problems in France

Television problems in France were added to our Internet troubles today. It is so frustrating as I made payments on the proviso these things would be in place when we moved into our new home. Our landlady told me to expect the television man between 10 and noon today so once again  I was stuck in.

You will have guessed by now that 10, 11 and 12 o’clock came with no sign of the telly man. My husband went to work but once again myself, the children and the dog were housebound. I came to France to get out and a bout more not less.

It is now nearly 4pm and the man has just turned up. He asked about payment and I said I had already paid has far as I was concerned. He is English which at least cut out any language barrier. He walked through the house, managed to find the only dog turd in the corner and walk it all through the lounge. Merde!

He did not know what he was here for and said the equipment that the landlady had told me to show him was rubbish. He has now told me he needs nothing more from me but he will be in and out so can I keep the dog out of the way. He is making a right old racket outside disturbing the sound of my bells and birdsong.

I am blogging because if I don’t I may pull the nearest person’s head off. I have work to do so I need to get to the lady’s house for Internet usage but now I will be stuck here for goodness knows how long.

In other news, digging deep for positives, it is a gloriously sunny day, in fact, the perfect day for exploring France. Can you tell I am peeved? I have no real faith that we will be able to use the telly by midnight after all the false promises and misinformation.

Right, back to the positives. My husband visited the bank today and is opening a French bank account and it appears the process is super simple. I will do the same when I am released from waiting in for tradespeople who may or may not turn up.

I am getting so organised so am totally on top of the cleaning, laundry and tidying up. I am becoming convinced of the benefits of lists and find they are working well for me. The children are more relaxed and better behaved by the day.

Last night, we had a drive through the countryside at dusk and it was so very beautiful with the light playing games across the crops and the wind mills which my husband tells me look like UFOS once the night sets in.

This new life in France is great, if only the bloody telly and Internet could get sorted. In fact, after a week without telly, I am only really bothered about the Internet.

P.S. this all changed when the man with the telly expertise got it working and my favourite postcode of SW19 and the lovely Federer appeared reminding me that it is the annual 2 week holiday for all mums in our family in honour of the late Irene.

Have you experienced television problems in France?

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