The Crazy Bar

It is only a few yards from one bar to another in our village so we arrived at the Crazy Bar where some of our new acquaintances were gathered and others arrived shortly afterwards.

Ay Up lad seemed to be doing some form of acrobatics at one end of the bar.

Cap man was shouting to us periodically such as “Kate, I love you!” and so on. I gave as much back as I think that is the only way to handle such situations.

Can-can man was now clearly drunk and declaring that my choice of cola instead of booze was “Rubbish”” His girlfriend chinked out glasses and said what I thought was “Gin!”. So I said in perfect French “Oh I prefer rum!” at which point my husband looked at me quizzically. It turned out what she had actually said was “Chin chin!”

Cap man was not about to leave us alone and started on my husband again. I could feel my husband getting angry at which point AyUp lad had a word with him explaining Cap Man’s wife had kicked him out that day hence the drunkenness and lack of control. My husband tried to say he was not upset but I knew he was and clearly AyUp Lad did too.

Things hit a head when Cap Man grabbed my husband’s nether regions. At that point my husband just raised his arm a little but it was enough for Cap Man to sober up enough to say “Pardon” and to his credit he left us alone after that.

The night continued but I was tired so we explained that we would not go back to Can-Can Man’s house after all. This took some getting through to him but his girlfriend helped a lot. We left with Can Can man chasing after us to take our telephone number so we could rearrange our party night at his place. “Blondie! Call me!” he said whilst doing that Peter Kay phone impression.

What a night!

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