The perfect home in France

The perfect home in France

I found our perfect home in France by sending out a cosmic order. I was looking for somewhere big enough for a family of five with access to good village amenities, easy to maintain outside space and not too far from the coast. It turned up just when I needed it and was simple to secure.

As soon as we walked into our perfect home on Sunday, the whole family immediately noticed that the same image of a couple in Paris that I had at home was on the wall of the lounge. This had to be a good omen and adding things like the children’s cuddly toys around the place, rosary beads and photos of my parents made it ours very quickly.

However as the lovely Penny one of my favourite bloggers will remind us little legacies will show up to remind us that our loved ones are about somewhere even if they have passed on. Our stairs are painted in exactly the same shade as red as the back steps in my first home with my parents. There is one of those stories that Mum would tell again and again to anyone that would listen that I would jump off two steps but never three. This was always delivered as an example of my lack of daring. It was one of those tales that is pleasant to hear in its familiarity and reminder of childhood but also has a bit of a hurtful sting in the tail. Well, Mum, I have learned to jump more than 3 red steps at least metaphorically and perhaps later in life but c’est la vie! Mum would love the dark brown furniture in the lounge and the old and solid French beds. She would like that the house is old and would cook up a storm in our lovely kitchen. Like me, she would enjoy the window seats, the beams and the exposed brickwork. Even the red curtains are very much what she would have chosen and there are heaps of cushions and rugs which she would also highly approve of. She would love the wood burner and like myself would lounge around whilst the man of the house sorted it out. She would absolutely adore the little trick in our old front door which means that the central glass panel opens so that you can see out and have a lovely breeze on hot days. She would transform the outdoor space with pots and statues and feel reassured that we are so near the church and have a view of it from our balcony. She would love the loudly ticking clock in the lounge. Mum had a thing about clocks and felt you could never have too many in the home. This used to drive my brother mad for some reason particularly if they had a loud tick so even something as simple as a clock makes me smile and remember her fondly.

So yes this is our perfect home although my husband feels we need a little more space in the longer term and perhaps he is right. Time will tell and I am not stressed about this.

This is a house that works with small and manageable outside space and a covered area where you can hang washing out so that it dries whatever the weather. There are steps to a balcony with a wood burner thing and comfy outdoor tables, chairs and sofa. There is a cute and tiny window thing where you can store matches and the like. So depending on the weather or your mood, you can sun-bathe on the balcony or remain cooler on the ground floor level.

The lounge is huge and has 3 sofas with the fireplace dominating with a huge wood burner and plenty of space for the logs at the side and the fire irons too. There is a good-sized coffee table and a number of useful side tables. There are glass doors through to the quirkily –shaped kitchen which is so well-equipped and has the bathroom adjoining it. This actually works even though I had hated the idea. It means the children can eat and then have their bath leaving their dirty clothes ready for the washing machine. We have a dining space so eat together as a family and again I love the window seat in here and the lounge.

Under the stairs is a cupboard for all the stuff like the hoover that you don’t want on show.

The stairs are quirky too and turn a corner as do many things in this house perhaps neatly reflecting what we are doing as a family. There is a landing area that is big enough for a bed and other furniture including a bookcase with some English novels, some recipe books and a book on how to learn French. There are French dictionaries and phrase books strewn around the house which enables our learning.

Our bedroom is gorgeously quirky and gives me great joy with its deep red walls, ancient beams and exposed brickwork. I imagine the births that have taken place in this house and both me and my husband laugh that the bed must have seen some action as every time we get into bed the headboard bangs against the wall loudly.

Having an ensuite loo and shower room is a bonus.

There is plenty of space for the children and the room my teenager sleeps in is huge. I reckon you could easily get six double beds in there so he has a lot of space along with a rocking chair, a chair near the bed, a bedside cabinet and a big wardrobe that we encourage him to use but boys will be boys.

Himself is happy as he has somewhere to park the car straight across from the house and I smile as I see how rarely it moves in comparison with the mad times of the long commutes. Now that car moves when we are heading for fun times which is as it should be.

Talking of commutes, it is time for me to set off to meet my husband from work just a 2 minute walk away. We are doing something very right and have perhaps already found the perfect home in France.


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