The weekend in France with a big banana split!

This weekend in France was very mixed for us.

Saturday was a sad day. That will happen sometimes even when you are blissfully happy overall and that’s OK even if it does not feel like it as the time.

The great things about sad days when you are mentally well is that you determine to make the next day better. So our little clan set off to a huge vide grenier on Sunday. The location was a sizeable lake and the stalls went all around it. At an estimate, I think there were 200 stalls selling all manner of things including tools, ornaments, cookware, toys, clothing and taxidermy. I was quite tempted by some colourful statues of headless and legless women but I worried they might be too pricey and walked on by. I almost bought a handbag but then had a word with myself as I never use them. I am learning that just because something is easy on the eye does not mean that I have to have it (quite possibly a very good thing considering the attractive half-naked French men on display!)

My daughter has channelled a need to add to her Littlest Pet Shop collection and she struck gold with a stall selling them cheap along with a play house thing that she adored. They even gave her some accessories for free which made her fall in love with France all over again.

We walked in strong heat for ages and were relieved to stop at the last stall and realise there were refreshments available. We had cold drinks and the tastiest sausages with chips. I tried to persuade my husband that the sausages were awful so that I could have his but he knows my tricks and was having none of it.

We headed home to take a break from the sunshine and I fell asleep for hours! I am getting into the idea of siesta more and more as it effectively gives you two days in every 24 hours.

In the late afternoon, we headed to the coast and found a lively little resort with cafes open. It appears the coast is the best place to head for if you want to eat and drink in France at hours that suit you. We chose a café right on the beach and ordered complete crepes with cheese, ham and egg. Crepes vary a lot in France and these were served showing the inside ingredients which is not always the case. My husband complained that he did not have “un oeuf” which led to some silly wordplay about “un oeuf being enough” and so on.

The waitresses were so lovely and helpful. When one came to ask if we wanted dessert, my husband got all excited exclaiming “Oui, oui, oui!” Be careful what you wish for as we ended up with the biggest banana splits served in Knickerbocker Glory type glasses. I think ours might have had alcohol in them as we had differently marked glasses from the children and a golden/greeny mixture in the bottom of the glass. My younger son instantly said that “That’s not a dessert. t’s a landmark!” as he struggled to make headway with his. The desserts came with long spoons, a straw and a colourful spinner. Needless to say, we attracted loads of attention from passers-by. I saw one old lady look over and could have sworn she pointed to me and said to the waitress “I will have whatever she is having!” in Meg Ryan fashion.

The temperature was lovely with heat but also a cool breeze from the sea. Parfait!

When we got home, I headed for bed again. I love our new life which is pleasure interspersed with sleep – that will do nicely for a weekend in France.

Happy to be sharing our joy with Lizzie on her lovely positive linky.

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    • Catherine

      we are here for good as it goes or certainly have no plans to return to the UK. Your comment made me smile so thanks for stopping by to read.

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