It is time to get organised in France

It is time to get organised as it seems pretty clear that we will be staying in France.

I guess although I have continued working, I have been busy enjoying things rather than getting on with the more practical aspects. With the new house sorted, there are things to sort so we get officially resident here in some way rather than just treating it as a longer holiday.

My husband was quick to get a bank account here but I need to do that too.

It is so hard with such a lovely and slow pace of life to face such things or rather not hard at all. It is just that there are always more fun things to do.

In September, we will need to talk to the Mairie about home educating the children and I have already started looking into what I need to cover to meet the legal requirements in France.

There will be doctors to register with too. It’s a bit of an odd period really because we won’t be living in this area from the middle of next month.

I have no wish to even visit England right now but we are making plans for at least one of us to come over with my oldest son to get his exam results later this month. He reports he is feeling very relaxed here which is hugely reassuring.

I have books on living in France and there are plenty of expats to ask for advice and we find the French people very helpful too.

It is time to get organised but maybe I can have a fun weekend first!

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