An update on life in France

I thought it was time to return to blogging on here. There is a lot happening that would be amusing to write about but I get distracted by money-making which I guess is a good thing in a way.

You find me watching Emmerdale and enjoying a roaring log fire. The dogs are snuggling up and one son is asleep and the other is gaming upstairs. My daughter is writing or designing stuff whilst my husband is still working in the office next door.

We still love it here although I have had a bad week not feeling very well and then staying up late and getting over-tired. This makes me grumpy and also makes me analyse things too much and question everything like living here, home education, my teen son’s future prospects and whether I am contributing anything useful to the world.

Work has gone well recently and I feel I have a clear plan for my other blog next year.

My husband’s work seems secure and it is good to have him around more at home.

Our social life with the French is good and we are integrating well into the local bars for sure.

I do need to step up as it is so easy to fall into treating this like a holiday all the time. I keep trying to work my head around the healthcare system here and do sort of get it but need to make progress and soon.

The children are incredibly happy here but I worry for their future as obviously we are less sure of how things work here education and work wise than back home. However, I have no faith in that ability of the UK to give them a good future. Then I wonder if I should leave them to get on with it as we all end up doing our own thing in the end anyway. Maybe I over-stress it all.

I like the timetable we have here with two free mornings during the week where we get out and about. We have a regular pizza night waiting in the bar until it is cooked o wood too so super tasty. I enjoy that the bar always offers free treats whether cake, crisps, seafood, nuts or cheese. I also love how everything here is “bon” so you feel so welcomed and appreciated. I am even OK with the kisses now when some men offer them and just about everyone shakes your hand. It is nice to be acknowledged – it is so easy to feel invisible in England. Weekends we explore and often end up in the bars.

I am going to an expat lunch with some ladies on Saturday. It is outside my comfort zone but that’s no good reason not to go and I am taking my teenage son with me so I have some moral support.

Christmas is coming which will mark our 6 month point in France. It has gone well and better than we dreamed of really. Sometimes it feels a bit surreal and often it feels like we should have done this 20 years ago. Christmas is not stressing me at all this year. The only thing that seems to be knocking me internally is grief for my brother which I thought I was over but Christmas just brings up feelings and he was always so present even when he did not come home as Mum would wait for his call not sure if it would come or not. Memories of Christmases when he did come which were always the most fun and of a couple spent with him in London where he organised a White Christmas of course and we walked in Hyde Park in the sunshine.

There are lots of amusing little anecdotes to share but for now, I just thought if I started writing the words would flow and they have.


  1. Hi Catherine, I can’t imagine upping and leaving a place you call home, which may sound strange as I’ve lived in Greece for over twenty-five years now. That sort of happened more than was planned I left England with a backpack aged 21 and have rarely been back since. People do say how lucky we are to live here, but my advice is just live your life as you would. Be yourself. Have no expectations and remember you aren’t on holiday. This is your life now… And the most important thing is that just because you live in a foreign country you don’t have to mix with people just because they are of the same nationality. That may sound a little harsh, but it’s true.
    I’m sure you’ll settle in time and your children will find their way if they are happy.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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