Vegetables but at what cost?

So after the debacle in our favourite bar, we decided not to give up on our evening and headed to the Crazy Bar. There were a few regulars on stools by the bar chatting and laughing. I love how people laugh here whole-heartedly with no embarrassment at all.

Two young boys were playing pool and although we knew who one was with you could not tell with the other. Children are such a part of the community here and not tied to their parents as much as in the UK or that’s how it feels to me.

After a short while, a man we did not know came over to us. He was tall and lanky and explained he did not have much English although as ever, it was pretty good really. We chatted for a few minutes at which point a box full of vegetables appeared and he explained he was a farmer. There were cauliflowers, endives, small turnips and black radishes. We complimented him on his vegetables at which point he insisted they were a present for us. We tried to say no a little but have learned not to turn down much here or it ends up offending people.

The pirate landlord gave some tips on cooking the vegetables as I have not cooked with some of them before.

The farmer went on to say at one point he had a farm 60 kilometres away and then said he lived close by. I was on the white wine so just enjoying company and trying out my French. I did not see that my husband was getting concerned. I did see him going over to AyUp lad and asking him to translate some of what the farmer was saying. By now I was picking up that the French farmer was linked to Scotland and so I claimed to be Irish as I will (because I am for starters) and we had a big hug. Then he got out the Breton flag and started to try to explain something to me. It was black and white so I was interested of course – black and white are meaningful to me always.

Not much later, my husband hooked me up by the arm and we left with me protesting I think. Yes, it is all a bit hazy.

It turns out that AyUp lad had advised my husband to get out of the conversation which was about illegal immigrants. Now I think of it I did hear Calais mentioned at some point and somebody sleeping at the farm.

So yes that night was a very eventful one. I learn that I should be less free with the drink and be just a bit vigilant in future but not too much to spoil our brilliant new lives.

It was amusing to see the vegetable box in the back of the car the next morning.

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