Waking up in France – church bells and birdsong

Waking up  in France to the sound of church bells and birds singing convinces me we have made an inspired choice in moving here. My bedroom is gorgeous with cream and red walls. Huge tree-like beams decorate the ceiling. I would describe the shape of the room but this is quite impossible as it is very quirky indeed. The room also has an ensuite shower room which is a delight having had to go down one flight of stairs to the bathroom in our last house.

The morning starts will the inevitable visit to the boulangerie with my husband and son. The boulangerie is actually much more than that acting like a Spar shop in the UK but with cheaper prices and better quality products.

We buy various practical items along with a mountain of sugary treats. We are in holiday mode so why not? We enjoy breakfast commenting how so much tastier these bakery treats are compared with the supermarket equivalents back in the UK.

Later we visited yet another supermarket as we still treat them almost like museums as we discover new foodie treats of every variety noting the meat, the cheese and the patisserie items in particular although  having said that, the fruit and vegetables appear bigger and somehow shinier here too.

We notice that this town has bowling and cinema and resolve to visit at least one of these at the weekend along with the big city and the seaside. We want to make the absolute most of weekends now we are operating so much more positively as a family unit.

We purchase another pair of shoes for my daughter after our Beagle decided he liked the pair we bought yesterday even more than she does. We can make a repair according to my husband but my daughter believes she can never have too many shoes so all is well.

Soon it is time to return to our village and to the lady’s house so I can host a Twitter conversation about English weather ironically. It feels odd to be working again even though I have only had a few days off. A lot has happened in those days and leisure feels like the priority right now. My work takes an hour and then I can return to play.

There is also good news that the lady who has got the house for us has chased up Orange and they may visit to connect us on Saturday.

We visit a town with an impressive chateau and check out the various eateries on offer promising ourselves we must eat out soon.

Dinner is ready after I finally got the slow cooker to work and we have a marvellously tasty beef stew with potatoes and courgettes.

Later, the children head out with their Dad to find a bar. We are yet to find our local bar open at a time when we feel like drinking and the other bar in the village is under new management and not yet open for business.

I take advantage of a quiet night. I have noticed I am more than happy to just be here not feeling the familiar demand to do things all the time. Also both my husband and the children are doing more to keep the house clean and tidy so there is less housework to do. I have some Muscat, perhaps a little too much and head to bed in a happy frame of mind knowing that waking up in France will start tomorrow in the perfect way too.


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