Our wildest night yet

We entered the bar and it was the busiest we have ever seen it. If it had been so full in England, I would have left immediately as people were really shoulder to shoulder and it is a very small bar. I reckon about 40 people had managed to get in there.

Of course Didier behind the bar saw us and greeted us with the usual handshake and “Ca va?” He checked our drinks ordered and ushered us through everyone towards the fire introducing us to two fishermen sitting there. He managed all this in about 2 minutes. I was feeling tense after the Mayoral event and a generally frustrating day. It took me probably 15 minutes to warm up to the atmosphere and I stood at first but Didier was having none of that and insisted I sat down close to the fire. The fishermen were friendly and one spoke very good English.

Pierre was in the corner acting as resident DJ just because that is the way he rolls. Occasionally he would show us a LP cover and laugh with “Break Dance” setting him off in a fit of laughter. Pierre is about 65 years of age, tall and lanky and reminds me a little of Gandalf and even does smoke rings to keep that impression going. He is a former train driver but retired due to ill health. He pushes boundaries in the most appealing way and is full of mischief which means I adore him.

AyUp lad was next to us and when YMCA belted out he went wild and we worked out he was more inebriated than we have ever seen him before. Him Indoors was looking at me with that stern look not to encourage but that giggle started in my belly and I could not stop laughing. The more I tried the more I erupted with giggles and the more I did that the more insane AyUp lad got jumping up and strutting himself whilst shouting “DJ Didier, DJ Didier – it is the zop of the zops!”

Have I blogged about the night of the horizontal can-can? I will have to check back as that is quite the story. Anyway, the man who witnessed me in his herbaceous border doing that particular dance of my own invention, was in and introduced us to his girlfriend. I felt he was punching a little above his weight but apparently he told my other half that “She is not perfect”.

After the fishermen left, they joined us or rather he did whilst she remained standing at the bar. She looked a little nervous to me. My can-can man is ex-military and retired and I imagine she is around sixty years of age.

A loud younger gut in a hat came over to us and asked if my husband liked football. He has teased us on other occasions putting on a pseudo post English accent and demanding to know “How are you?” Tonight he too was clearly very drunk. My husband said he did not like football so I explained that he liked cricket. The bloke walked the full length of the bar telling everyone what I had said and then demanded to know if my husband was homosexual. For some reason I said yes and another bloke with a pony tail who we know well looked at me as if to say “Well done Madame. You have really done it now””

We got distracted for a little while as AyUp lad decided the bellows were not effective enough to get the fire going well so he put his head totally into the fire and up the chimney to blow.

The cap man continued to ridicule my husband with my can-can man saying that he cannot stand him as he is too loud all the time. He really does have a strong voice almost like a young French Brian Blessed.

Of course when the bar closed a sensible couple would have headed home but can-can man insisted we join him and his girlfriend in the Crazy Bar suggesting we hit that bar and then go back to his for another party. My husband reminded him what I had done last time I was there but he did not seem to mind so off we wandered to the Crazy Bar for a night that the pirate landlord described as “sauvage”


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