Wine is included with lunch

Wine is included with lunch in France or certainly in our new favourite place to eat.

Monday saw us hurtling off to the big town for various basics from the supermarket. That is all we need because frankly over the last few weeks the novelty of the foods on offer here mean our cupboards and freezer are so very full. I don’t think I have ever had quite so much food in the house.

We did well for time so I suggested we stop at a bar that I have noticed on our route. It intrigued me as it offers English food such as fish and chips.

We drew up in blazing sunshine taking a table outside as the female owner asked if we wanted to eat. She explained that if we did it would be five minutes before she could take our order which seemed reasonable enough.

My husband got very excited at the promise of a full English breakfast but she said with apologies that we were too late for that.

We ordered steak and chips which arrived so quickly with herbs on the chips and gorgeous home-made mayonnaise. The steak was the best I have ever eaten. I think the husband agreed as he made noises so extreme that I have not heard them before even in the throes of sexual passion.

We turned down dessert partly because we were full but also because we had to get back for work.

The surprise was that we did not ask for wine but it arrived anyway and was so velvety smooth and wonderful. My husband is not a red wine drinker but he enjoyed it too. It would have been rude not to polish off the whole bottle, right?

I may not have seen much of the afternoon and my husband for some reason said “Bonne Soiree” as he left the bar making the woman chuckle as she answered in perfect English “Good Afternoon”.

Not bad for just a smidgen over 20 euros!

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