Wobbly day in France

I am having a wobbly day in France. I woke up before I was ready to I think and that set the mood for the day.

My husband said he had great news. This turned out to be that he had found the key to a shed place and it has useful tools and a lawnmower in it. It tells you everything you need to know about my husband’s romantic spirit that this is what is defined as great news. Yes, I know these things will be useful but it is not the sort of thing that makes me jump up and down with joy.

The setbacks with cars is now over but all the time stuck in one place has got to me a bit. It seems like a long time since we had a really good day out. We will at the weekend I am sure but I feel impatient to start living the French dream again.

That makes me question the whole thing. What are we doing here? None of us speak great French and to an extent we can live without it but we shouldn’t.

I would like to integrate a bit and perhaps even make that rare thing of a friend for myself but so far expats tend to wind me up with their moaning and as I say my French is not great.

Of course once I start to question, I question everything so home education seems like a silly choice today. I know this is very normal for home educators who panic that their children will be left behind in some way. The evidence proves otherwise and my children love learning but because it is not the norm and not my experience as a child and young person, I get a bit of panic.

Nothing much is happening on the work front probably inevitably with it being Half Term but that makes me a bit fed up and bored.

My husband tried to talk to me to point out the good points of our lives here but that fell on deaf ears. My daughter did much better and gave me a big cuddle. My teen son made me a cuppa (always helps!) and my other son shared a game with me.

I feel better and probably need a good night’s sleep and then some fun at the weekend.

I guess all expats have the occasional wobble on their mighty fine adventures.

Cuddle Fairy

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