Woodland walk on an Autumn afternoon

Today we went on a long woodland walk to explore our surroundings.

A path goes from our garden right into the woods and we did not see a soul en route apart from some friendly bulls. They came charging towards us but seemed friendly enough and placed themselves in a line almost line a cow beauty contest.

I love finding so many different things with oak and beech trees, blackberry bushes and ferns. The ground is colourful with Autumn leaves and littered with acorns and spiky beech nuts not to mention a vast array of fungi.

We came across some bee hives at one point with bees buzzing around hard at work.

We came to the stream with its super-clear water. My son got stuck and could not figure out how to make his way back through all the trees and brambles. He was determined to be independent and eventually took a tumble but took it in good spirits.

Woodland Walk

The only downside of our secret path is that it is uphill on the way back but that will do our fitness levels good.

The dogs love it of course and are brilliant companions.

It was a warm and sunny day and all cares can be put away when out in the woods.

Living Arrows

Country Kids


  1. It is wonderful to have nature like this on your doorstep. We are surrounded by woodland too, it makes going for an autumn walk so easy and there is so much to see at this time of year. Well done to your son on his adventurous route and not minding a bit of a tumble.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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