World Mental Health Day reflections

On World Mental Health Day, I am reflecting how better my wellbeing here is generally with a lot fewer worries on way and another.

my teenager is out of school now and declaring himself more than happy with his new environment. It must be great to be free of all those targets and judgemental comments that come with school with teachers under so much pressure of course.

My daughter is happy in her own skin and it has taken her a while to get there I think. She is the strongest for saying there is no way she is going back to the UK.

My tween son loves the peace and quiet here and says he feels much safer here than in an urban setting.

Of course because they are peaceful, I am happy too.

I have had mental health issues now and again throughout my life. I am forgiving myself for that because I was rejected at or before birth so that is bound to leave me with a few bits of angst to work through. My mum and dad gave me a great childhood but the truth is as my poor Dad used to say there was no way they could fill that pretty primeval void that comes with losing your birth parents and your firm identity.

In about 2001 a facilitator at work said I probably needed therapy and of course I took that as an insult. Watching the therapy programme on the telly, I see there is nothing wrong with accessing that help if you can afford it. We need to deal with our losses and feelings of being abandoned.

I have always had moods and found it difficult to manage my emotions because I feel things very deeply both for myself and others. Post-natal depression stole about a decade I think.

However, right now I am strong and doing well in the areas that matter to me.

Medication free now, I want to now seize the opportunity here to get my physical health sorted because that will also contribute to my mental wellbeing.

Today I had some photographs taken which will be my before photos for when I am looking that bit more svelte and healthy.

This is a bit of a meandering post but that is OK – loving this blog where I can just be like blogging in the olden days.

Cuddle Fairy

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