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Tui Sensatori Fethiye

To be honest it’s hard for me to find fault with this place. The TUI BLUE Sensatori Akra Fethiye is a 5* resort in the beautiful and super popular resort of Fethiye on the coast of Turkey.

This resort was my first foray in to the world of all inclusive holiday resorts since having Sienna. As I’ve got older step children we’ve always done villas, so all the kids could have their own room. However, on this occasion the holiday would be our first with just the three of us (me, hubs and, at the time, our 7 year old daughter). Turkey had just re-opened it’s borders to international travellers again, and it was October half term. We hadn’t had a proper holiday through Covid, so good friends of ours invited us to join them on their yearly trip to this resort.
Now I might sound like a snob, and I’m not at all (ok maybe a little bit), but my initial thoughts about holiday company run all inclusive resorts were probably not as favourable as they should be, but it seemed like good value, and our friends had raved about it, so we said yes and decided to give it a go.

OMG i’m so glad we did.

The resort boasts 418 rooms around 6 stunning pools (not including the swim up pools). 1 indoor pool and 5 fabulous outdoor pools. In October the activity pool was the only heated one, so that was the one we tended to dip in, mainly because I’m a wimp and I don’t like cold water. But the kids were more than happy to fly down the waterslides in to the colder pool and had the time of their life going up and down the slides for the couple of hours a day they are open. Note. The pools are much warmer in the summer months and I spent much more time in the main pool in August, and even ventured down the slides!

The slides are open just a few hours every day – but believe me that’s plenty. They are covered by lifeguards and are great for most kids aged 4/5 upwards.

As for the other pools, they have a stunning main pool which swirls around the top part of the resort, beautifully landscaped (in fact I sadly ended up taking pictures of plants that I liked so I could source them in the UK – obviously still haven’t got round to doing that yet). It has a lovely gently entry points that slopes down in to the water so if you just want to paddle your feet or sit and read your book and get your bum wet, you can do that without a problem. This is also the case in the activity pool too, but it’s usually a lot busier in that one. The main pool is huge, and has plenty of sunbeds around, with or without umbrellas. We never had an issue getting a sunbed and always felt very safe leaving our belongings on them when we went for a dip or for refreshments.

There is also a pool for the younger ones with little kids water features and play things, we didn’t get much use of that one, but it looked like the kids were having a great time there.

The activity pool had a daily list of fun things to do, including aqua aerobics, and their aqua balance boards (possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever done). If you don’t want to take part there are plenty of sunbeds dotted around the pool where you can sip your cocktail and have a giggle at everyone else. Not that you’d do that I’m sure.

For that trip we had booked a 2 bedroom swim up suite, which at the time was probably a waste of money, as the swim up pools are quite chilly in October, so we didn’t use it at all, they tended to be a collection point for the vast array of inflatable lilo’s that people purchase when they are there.

(Point to note – don’t buy the inflatables at the resort shop – they are super expensive, it’s best to pop out to the local town and grab one there for a fraction of the price. They will however inflate it for you for a small fee, which is sometimes easier than going dizzy trying to blow it up yourself.

The rooms

Well I can’t say I’ve seen them all, but the room we stayed in was beautiful. A 2 bedroom swim up suite. I find it so difficult to find hotel rooms that allow you to share with kids, but at least give the adults some privacy, I really don’t understand why so many hotels just plump 2 beds in the same room. If your kids are under 5 I get it, but no bigger kids want to lay next to their mum and dad at night!

Anyway back to our room, A beautiful big bed in our room, with double doors out to the little decked area and steps down to the pool. And then a door through to Sienna’s bedroom with 2 single beds. A lovely big bathroom, with 2 sinks and a massive shower. Plus plenty of hanging space for your clothes. The second time we went, we ditched the swim up part and had a room on the 2nd floor (also great as it has a carpeted hallway so you don’t hear people dragging suitcases backwards and forwards).

The restaurants

So there is a huge (and I mean mahoosive) buffet restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Most evenings they have a theme night, but honestly there is so much choice it’s hard to come away the same size as you were when you land in Turkey. We ate here every morning. They have seats both inside and outside and have a special section for families. The staff will come around and bring you tea and coffee – or any other drink you fancy and then you can help yourself as many times as you like to the buffet. The choice of fresh food was probably the best I’ve seen in a hotel outside of Vegas.

Then there are a number of a la carte places. A Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Grill, Fine Dining and loads more snack options too. You are allowed one visit to each restaurant per stay, which you can either book from reception or through the app (more on that later).

Our favourite was definitely the Chinese, fab food and a good selection of options. There is also a generic kids menu that they serve in each restaurant if your kids are fussy, and if you’re organised enough – you can take the kids to the buffet to eat first before you go and eat in one of the restaurants.

The Italian is also great, and the beach grill is delicious, but comes with an additional charge.

The Turkish was my least favourite, just because I’m not a big fan of turkish food, but what we did eat was lovely.

There is also a coffee shop serving fresh coffee, cakes, biscuits and ice-cream all day so the kids can go and help themselves, down by the beach there is often a pancake stall and a jacket potato stall, that serves snacks at different parts of the day. So you’ll never go hungry.

There are plenty of bars dotted around the resort, with a vast variety of drinks choices, again one of the best I’ve seen in a hotel. They make fabulous cocktails, and of course all of this is included in your all inclusive package. The only thing you’ll pay extra for is if you choose a bottle of wine from the wine list instead of the house wine.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to escape for a night without the kids, they offer romantic dining in one of their beach cabanas (I’ll come on to those in a moment). Not something we had the chance to do unfortunately, we just looked longingly at the lovely time all the couples without kids were having, and not a chip or ketchup in sight!

The Spa

It has a lovely and always super quiet spa. I’ve had a massage in there a couple of times, and it’s always been great. There is a lot of choice and it’s similar price to what you would pay in the UK.

Kids Club

The kids club covers kids from 3 to 12. The activity programme has been designed by qualified childcare experts, and is based just between the main pool, the kids pool and the slides. It’s open six days a week and all reservations can be made in on the app. They get super booked out so you have to be ready when the app opens up booking times (can’t remember what this is off hand but ask at reception). They run for a couple of hours in the morning and in the afternoon, they keep the kids out of the sun which is great and have a whole host of activities going on to keep them occupied whilst you sip on Cosmo, and read a few pages of your book in peace and quiet. It’s super safe and they are lovely english speaking staff.


One of the treats of the resort – they have around a dozen (if I remember rightly) although it may be more, stunning Cabanas that line the beack front. These relaxation pods are great to hire for the day. They are around €80 for the day, and hold up to 5 people, although we’ve certainly had more in there. They seem to be quite flexible with that rule. They have a super comfy padded bed type set up with voile type nets that surround that you can close whilst you are having a snooze, or keep open if you want to keep an eye on the kids whilst they play in the sand. But the best bit of these is that they have a little doorbell on the side that you can ring when you want drinks or food brought to you! Honestly makes you feel like a bit of a spoilt princess for the day, but absolutely worth doing at least once during your stay.


Generally better than other resorts we have been to. In October it’s all held in the inside theatre, and in the summer in the outside one. Both are huge and seat a lot of people, but they get super busy. They put on kids entertainment before 9pm and then at 9 the main show starts. Everything from Disney and musicals nights, to Tina Turner tributes and 80’s pop nights. Yes of course they are a little cheesy, but super fun and they always get the kids involved. Then usually there is something going on in the main piano bar or down by the beach to keep you entertained throughout the evening.

The location

The Sensatori Akra Fethiye is about 1 hour from Dalaman airport just outside Fethiye town. You can get a boat direct from the resort over the water to Fethiye town, it’s not something we did as we chose to go in a taxi instead. It’s positioned right on the beach. A wide sandy beach which is always super quiet. The grounds of the resort are huge, I went for a run a couple of mornings around the resort – it’s beautiful and wonderfully landscaped. It really has the feel of a five star resort. 

If you want to venture outside the resort you can get cabs to most places – Fethiye is fab and has a regular market selling all sorts of bits, mostly fake designer gear – everything from t-shirts, trainers to high end designer bags. Just be prepared to barter or haggle for a good price.

About 25/30 mins in a cab is a little town called Hisaronu, we’ve stayed near here a number of times. Its a busy little town with loads of shops selling fake gear, along with spas, barbers and hairdressers and tonnes and tonnes of restaurants. Most are fairly priced and have a great selection of turkish and english food. There are a couple of great Chinese and Indian restaurants, as well as Turkish. Be sure to ask for a Balloon bread if they do it, you’ll be fighting over it believe me. Hisaronu is not your classy town, it’s very family friendly but can get super busy in the evenings,

Then another 5 minutes on is the beautiful town of Olu Deniz. This one again has a vast amount of shops and market stall selling all of the fake merchandise, but it’s right on a beautiful beach with super warm water. This is also where all the paragliders land on the beach like little flies throughout the day. You can sit in one of the beachside restaurants and watch the world go by, and watch the gliders safely land near the beach. Or even have a go at it yourself. My hubby and both my step children have done it and loved it, not for me though! I like my feet firmly on the ground. If you’re feeling brave – but not brave enough to jump off the cliff, you can also access the top of the cliff from the new cable car which is just outside of the town. This takes you all the way up to the top of the cliff where they have a viewing platform that allows you to watch all of the gliders run down the mountain and take the leap in to the air. They also have a restaurant/cafe and bar at the top. I definitely recommend doing this at sunset – the views are amazing.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a 5 star family holiday resort – I totally recommend the Sensatori. We were so impressed we rebooked for the following summer for a 10 day break, and it was awesome. 

If you’d like any more info on the resort or have any questions at all please feel free to give me a shout.

Happy Travels

Emma x


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