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Feb 20, 2024 | Featured, Our Trips, Reviews

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If you’re on the lookout for a unique and exciting family-friendly adventure in the heart of London, then buckle up because I’ve got the perfect recommendation for you – the Balloon Museum London! This place is an absolute gem that promises to take you and your little ones on a journey to everything balloon. Granted some of it is a little ‘arty’ for kids, but actually ours didn’t seem to mind  So, grab your kiddos by the hand and let’s dive into this exciting adventure together!

Setting the Scene

Currently residing in the beautiful Old Billingsgate, The Balloon museum (more of an art exhibition than a museum in my humble opinion) currently spreads across multiple floors, and takes you on a winding journey of inflatable art. For those of you who are interested in the meaning behind each exhibit – there are descriptions as you walk around, detailing the artist and the emotion or feeling they are depicting (the whole exhibit centres around twenty artists interpret and present works related to specific emotions or behaviours influenced by them). And yes it’s pretty damn fun too.

If you don’t know anything about Old Billingsgate (I didn’t either) but thanks to good old Google, I do now. It’s a stunning old victorian grade II listed building on the banks of the River Thames, with clear views of London Bridge, The Shard and many other key London landmarks. It’s a photo opp in itself just waiting in the queue to get in. A short hop from Monument or Bank tube stations (about 5 min walk) makes it super easy to get to. You book a time-slot and there are plenty of staff outside guiding you to the right coloured queue for your timings. You are let in to the building at your allocated time, so don’t arrived too early if the weather is rubbish – although they do have a good supply of umbrellas for you to borrow if the UK’s typical rain pattern has set in for the day.

It’s A Place To Get Involved

A museum makes it sound a bit dull, but it’s not like that at all. Many of the exhibits are interactive, from bouncing your whole body of giant inflatables, running through a large inflatable maze type thing, bouncing giant balls in nets, or the piece de resistance, the absolutely giant ball pit. I honestly can not remember the last time I giggled so much – or felt like such a big kid.

You only get a limited time in the ball pit, about ten minutes if I remember rightly, but it’s enough to wear you out. Picture an olympic size swimming pool thats filled with yellow balls, the roof is covered in yellow balloons and there is a giant rotating sphere in the middle with images projected on to it, then you’ll be halfway to picturing the scene. It’s extremely easy to get sucked in and struggle to find your way back up to the side. But there are ladders dotted around to help (again think swimming pool) and there is always a spare hand to pull you out. 

Get Snap Happy

Yes if you’re like me and like an Insta opportunity then this is an ideal place for you. There are so many fun things to capture, the only downside is you’re likely to find a sea of other snappers all trying to get the same pics, so pic your moment. Many of the rooms are dark too, and use coloured lights to enhance the experience, so the better your phone camera is, the more luck you’ll have. Have a look at some of the snaps we got from the day below.

Plan Another Visit

When looking at the website, it recommends 2 hours to complete the experience, but I think we were pretty much done in an hour and half, and that included a stop for candy floss in the cafe (not a massive choice of food – a lot of sweet things. And there is also a little area in the building that you can stop and eat your own picnic food, which is great if you have young kids and need to keep them going. We had afternoon tea booked so didn’t want to ruin our hunger before we got there – you can read more about that in my next post (coming soon).

If you’re coming up to London just to visit the Balloon Musuem, then I would recommend finding something else to do whilst you are up in town to make the most of your day. And finally the exhibit is currently only running until the 14th April I believe, so get in quick before it moves on.


Happy Travels

Emma x


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